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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A Step Up Academy’s vision is to prepare our students for the world and the world for our students. Our progressive commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is core to that vision. To create an inclusive world, people of all backgrounds and perspectives should be welcomed, appreciated, and celebrated.



ASUA welcomes people of all abilities, ages, family structures, genders, orientations, races and ethnicities, religions, and

socio-economic statuses.


ASUA respects the individual experience, knowledge, and contribution of each member of our greater community.


ASUA celebrates diversity in all forms and values the impact diversity has in creating truly inclusive and equitable communities.

"Toilet Talks" and Bulletin Boards

At ASUA, we know that everyone learns best in different ways. Because of this, we provide our DEI information through many pathways including newsletters, in-service training, posters, and more! Above is a slideshow of "Toilet Talks," posters that are displayed in bathrooms to read while you sit. They are in reverse-chronological order.

Past DEI Newsletters

Click the image to read that month's newsletter.


Asset 1.png

May 2024

- Mental Health Awareness Month

Asset 1.png

June 2024

- Autistic Pride Day

- Juneteenth

- LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

Dec Days_Human Rights Paragraph Image_edited.jpg

December 2023

- Universal Human Rights Month

- Universal Hour of Peace

Jan Days_edited.jpg

January 2024

- National Poverty in America Awareness Month

Down Syndrome Day Flyer 24-02_edited_edi

March 2024

- Neurodiversity Celebration Week

- World Down Syndrome Day

April Days_edited.jpg

April 2024

- World Autism Acceptance Month

National Park & Recreation Month.png

July 2023

- Disability Pride Month

- National Park

& Recreation Month

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 10.01.30 AM.png

September 2023


- Our Identities

- Our 23/24 DEI Goals

Oct Days_ADHD Awareness Month.png

October 2023

- Unconscious/Implicit Bias

- ADHD Awareness Month

- AAC Awareness Month

Nov Days_National Disability Employment Awareness Month.png

November 2023

- Native American

Heritage Month

- Ableism & Ableist Microaggressions


June Days Images.png

June 2023

- National Caribbean American Heritage Month

- LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

May Days Images_2.png
April Days Images-01.png
March Days Images-03.png

March 2023

May 2023

April 2023

- Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

- Jewish American

Heritage Month

- May Health Observances

- Autism Acceptance Month

- National Minority Health Month

- Siblings Day

- GLSEN Day of Silence

- Developmental Disability Awareness Month

- Women's History Month

- Cerebral Palsy

Awareness Month


February 2023

- Black History Month

- Noteable Birthdays

Oct Days-15_edited.png
Diversity drawing by Ciani_edited.jpg

October 2022

September 2022

November 2022

- Native American Heritage Month

- Epilepsy Awareness Month

- Understanding Perspectives

- LGBTQ+ History Month

- National Disability Employment Awareness Month

- Bullying Prevention Month

- DEI this Year


The disability pride flag with green text in a white box that reads "disability pride month"
Asset 6.png
May Days Images_1.png
April Days Images-02.png

July 2022

June 2022

- Disability Pride

- LGBTQ Pride

- Identity

April 2022

- Autism Acceptance Day

- Identity and Self-Advocacy

May 2022

- Jewish American

Heritage Month

Dec 21 TT-01_edited.jpg
Nov Days-01.png

March 2022

February 2022

November 2021

December 2021

- Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

- Women's History Month

- Black History Month

- Universal Human Rights Month

- Native American

Heritage Month

- Answering Hard Questions

Oct big images-01.png
Sept Days-05.png

October 2021

September 2021

- Bullying Prevention Month

- LGBT+ History Month

- Disability Employment Month

- Diversity Terminology


July Days Images-05.png
Asset 7.png
What is Neurodiversity-01_edited.jpg

June 2021

- LGBT+ Pride Month

- Juneteenth

May 2021

- Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

- Health Observances Month

April 2021

- Autism Awareness Month

- What is Neurodiversity?

July 2021

- Disability Independence Day

- Residential Boarding Schools, The Aftermath


March 2021

- Women's History Month

- Developmental Disabilities

Awareness Month

- Microaggressions

Dec Days-01.png

February 2021

January 2021

December 2020

- Black History Month

- Poverty in America

Awareness Month

- Mental Health & Self-Care

- Universal Human Rights Month


November 2020

- What is DEI?

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