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Our Sounds

A project with Brendan Schluth, Music Therapist, and ASUA students

Our Sounds at A Step Up Academy Our Sounds
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What would it mean to you if your community was inclusive of sound?

Brendan Schluth

Music Therapist

A community inclusive of sound is one that excludes none and accepts all. 


The sensory experience of sound includes the production of sound as well as the perception of sound which makes the experience truly original and subjective to the individual's auditory make-up. In order for a community to be inclusive of sound it must first be understanding and empathetic to each and every one of its member's auditory experience. Acceptance of those we do not understand and compassion for others will lead us into a further inclusive community.


This piece of music is a celebration of sound. Sound that is produced by members of our community and beloved by family, teachers and all who choose to accept their fellow members for who they are.   

Heidi Allen

ASUA Parent

I think that it would symbolize the acceptance we as parents want for our children.  It would signify the acceptance of my beautiful child who has so much to share with the world but doesn't communicate in ways most people consider traditional.  When we truly "hear" each other's voices even if the person isn't saying words, they are sharing a part of themselves, they are reaching out for connection, and they are being valued.

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