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Research Purpose & Mission

The Research Department's purpose at A Step Up Academy is to (1) direct the development, evaluation, and monitoring of all programming at ASUA; and (2) disseminate our methodology to other institutions and/or organizations whose missions and values align with those of ASUA.



Engage ASUA staff in the development of research-based and evidence-based programming


Advance ASUA's strategic vision to continue engagement in the community and expand our ability to serve more students.


Maintain ASUA's standing as an educational leader in the Autism community.

Research Round-Up

Click the image to read that month's research roundup.


Prompting Hierarchy
Intensity Coaster
Frustration Social Story

November 2022

October 2022

January/February 2023

- Evidence-Based Practices

- Prompting

- CRA Model

- Proactive Strategies

- Sentence Frames

- Social Narratives

Reading Tools

September 2022

- Response Cards

- Positive Language

For research inquiries, please contact Emma Fisher, Director of Research & Development at the email provided.


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