Our Team

ASUA takes pride in cultivating a highly skilled, experienced, and caring staff. Comprised of dedicated teachers, instructional assistants, related service providers, administrative assistants, business operations professionals, and administration, the ASUA staff is highly diverse and brings their knowledge and skill to ASUA to help support our mission, vision, and continue our unique task of building of inclusive communities.


Jamie Jenkins, M.Ed. (She/Her)

Head of School

I joined ASUA in June of 2018 as Head of School. Special education is my passion. I have had many positions in the field of special education over my professional history including working with adults with disabilities to increase employability skills, being a special education teacher, and administrative positions in special education in multiple schools and settings. In my time away from ASUA, I am the mom of three amazing boys ages 25, 22, and 18. When we get the chance to be together, we enjoying hiking

and cooking.

Kay Stauffer, SHRM-CP (She/Her)

Director of Business Operations

My first official day with ASUA was the day we opened our doors for the first time. We had two students and five staff members. Since then, ASUA and I have grown together and I am so proud of what we have accomplished. As I write this, we support over 40 students and have about 50 staff members. In my role, I handle the business operations. These include human resources, finance, payroll, graphic design, and facilities. It's a big job but it means that every day is different! In my spare time, I can be found outside working in the garden or walking my dogs. I also create conceptual and wearable jewelry and I am known for my Irish language illustrations. I'm always very busy!

Marybeth Harmer, M.Ed., BCBA (She/Her)

Director of Educational Programming

I consider myself lucky to have been part of the team of professionals that helped to start ASUA in 2013. I greatly enjoy my role as Director of Educational Programming and supporting the staff and students at ASUA. I have two kids who keep me very busy with their sports and activities. I enjoy baking and spending time at the beach with my family!

Jillian Winn, M.Ed., BCBA (She/Her)

Director of Clinical Programming

I started my career at ASUA in the summer of 2015 as a behavior specialist. I now have worked my way up to the Director of Clinical Programming where I oversee the related service and behavior departments. I love being a part of our growing community of staff, students, and families. We are paving the way to create a more inclusive world together one day at a time! Outside of work I love spending time with my niece and nephews, traveling, or just relaxing with a good book or movie.

Crystal Ricci, M.Ed., LBS (She/Her)

Assistant Director of Clinical Programming

I started at ASUA in 2015 as an instructional assistant. I have loved growing along with our school over these last 6 years. I have moved up from instructional assistant to behavior specialist and now have the dual role of Asst. Director of Clinical Programming/Behavior Specialist. I LOVE coming to work every day and building relationships with the staff and the students. Outside of work I can often be found hanging out with friends, family, or my pets (which I have a lot of!). I also can often be found on a mountain or by a lake which are my favorite places to kick back and relax!

Trish Corvo (She/Her)

Director of Development & Advancement


Business Office

Dennis McNulty (He/Him)



Ev Smith (They/He)

Administrative Assistant, Annex Receptionist, Diversity & Equity Specialist

In my roles at A Step Up Academy, I support the team as Administrative Assistant, assisting with paperwork and other office tasks. As Diversity & Equity Specialist, I am working with the entire team to ensure that ASUA stays up to date with our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In my free time, I regularly speak and write about my personal experiences being an Autistic adult, and actively work towards making the world a better, more accommodating, and accepting place for others on the spectrum. I also love kayaking, hiking, camping, sewing, and making art.

Lynda Misher (She/Her)

Executive Assistant


Related Services

Allie DiFelice M.S. CF-SLP (She/Her)

Speech-Language Pathologist

Prior to receiving my master's degree from Emerson College, I worked at A Step Up Academy as an instructional assistant for five years. I am so excited to be back at ASUA as a Speech and Language Pathologist Clinical Fellow to help our students improve their communication skills. In my free time I love playing sports and traveling with family and friends!

Natalie Agramonte M.S. CCC-SLP (She/Her)

Speech-Language Pathologist

I began working at ASUA this summer for the ESY and am enjoying getting to know the staff and students! As an SLP, I am determined to help create a functional and successful language rich environment for our school. I am originally from Miami and love to visit my family and friends as much as possible. In my time off, I enjoy cooking, traveling, and relaxing at home with my husband and dog, Ruby!

Bridgette McCoy M.S. CCC-SLP (She/Her)

Speech-Language Pathologist

I love being an SLP because I love empowering my students to communicate in their own way. I was drawn to ASUA because I wanted to be apart of team that encouraged and prepared students to functionally communicate and thrive in their environments! In my free time, I love exercising, going on walks with my dog, Lana, and spending time with my fiance,

family and friends!

Kara Bogucki, M.S., OTR/L (She/Her)

Occupational Therapist

I have worked at A Step Up Academy since the 2019-2020 school year. Before that, I attended Salus University. I just recently moved to Abington with my fiancé and adopted my best friend-my puppy Charlie Martin! Outside of work, I love to escape to the shore for the weekends to spend time with my family.

Emily Gramlich, M.Ed. (She/Her)

Behavior Specialist

I started my career at A Step Up Academy in 2019 right after graduating from Saint Joseph’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Autism Behavioral Studies. I was an instructional assistant for my first year and then given the opportunity to advance my skills as a Behavior Specialist. I graduated from Penn State University in the summer of 2021 with my Master’s Degree in Special Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. ASUA is my second family! I love coming to work every day and seeing my students grow and make progress in amazing ways. On the weekends, I love spending time with my family, friends, and traveling to new places near and far.

Amanda Diaz (She/Her)

Behavior Technician


Emily Stefankiewicz, M.Ed (She/Her)

Transition Specialist

I’ve worked at A Step Up Academy since September 2019. Prior to joining the team at ASUA, I was a Life Skills Support Teacher in a public school for about 15 years. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and friends.

Andrew Sage (He/Him)

Materials Specialist

I started at ASUA as a volunteer back when I was in high school and now here I am 8 years later. I've held many positions here from instructional assistant, to IT, to now Materials Specialist. As a Materials Specialist my goal is to help create unique and meaningful instructional materials in hopes to make education a more enjoyable and relatable experience for the students. ASUA is a second family to me and it's been a joy to watch this school and its community

grow and flourish.

Amanda Savastana, MS, OTR/L (She/Her)

Occupational Therapist

I have worked at ASUA since 2013 and as ASUA grew became a full time member of the team in 2016. I love getting to work with our students on skills that will give them increased independence and success to participate in activities to their fullest. Outside of work I love spending time with my energetic son and family as well as traveling.

Lynsey Duzgun, DPT (She/Her)

Physical Therapist

I have been a practicing physical therapist since 2004 and came to A Step Up Academy in 2021. I hold a vestibular rehab certification, and am an active peer educator for American Bone Health. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children, hiking in the great outdoors and

traveling to Turkey.

Alexis Mitchell, BS. (She/Her)

Social Skills Specialist

I have worked at ASUA since 2016 and during that time, I have enjoyed my time in different positions from Instructional Assistant to Lead Instructional Assistant before starting in my Social Skills Specialist position. Social Skills is my passion and I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Special Education at Saint Joseph University with a Social, Emotional and Behavioral concentration. When I am not at work or studying for grad school, I really enjoy spending time outdoors. I love to play and learn new board games with my friends and family while eating my favorite snack - chips and salsa!

Ranika Cheeves (She/Her)

Behavior Technician


Lisa Wallace-Larkin (She/Her)

Curriculum and Instructional Specialist


Jacqueline Jusino (She/Her)

Assitive Technology Specialist

I came to ASUA as an Instructional Assistant with so many ideas for how I wanted to contribute to helping the community we serve. The administration here helped me organize those thoughts and ideas into a role that I love. As the Assistive Technology Specialist, I find and create tools to help all of the students in our school.

Brendan Schluth, B.A. Music (He/Him)

Music Therapist

Music has been a positive force throughout my life and a tool in which I have used for educational and therapeutic purposes within my own self. I am a proud member of A Step Up Academy because they promote the importance of music in their programing and is dedicated to the musical development of their students.

Instructional Staff

Tim Kurpiel B.S.Ed.(He/Him)

Lead Inclusion Support Teacher

I began working at A Step Up Academy in 2015 after graduating from Temple University. I began my time at ASUA as an Instructional Assistant before fulfilling roles as an Assistant Teacher, Lead Teacher, and eventually my current role as the Lead Inclusion Support Teacher. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am blessed with a loving wife, a healthy son, and 2 crazy dogs. I am an avid fisherman, golf addict, and lover of all Philly sports.

Bobby Burkhart (He/Him)

Lead Teacher

I have been at ASUA for 3 years, this is my second year as lead teacher. I love working with our students! In my spare time I love camping and being outside. I am also a volunteer firefighter with the

Cheltenham Fire Department.

Amanda Riesenberg (She/Her)

Lead Teacher

This is my third year at A Step Up Academy, all as a lead teacher! I love working with the little guys and watching them blossom! Outside of ASUA, I love watching sports (Go Flyers!) and doing yoga!

Mason Clark (He/Him)

Lead Teacher

I started as a substitute teacher in the public school system and found myself frequenting special education programs across the school districts I worked for. I quickly fell in love with the students and could not wait to work with them every week when the school needed extra hands in the rooms. After leaving the education profession for a few years, I decided to apply to A Step Up Academy in hopes to get back to what I love. I started as an instructional assistant and have moved up to a lead teacher and enjoying learning with my students each and every day.

Kimberly Bollard (She/Her)

Lead Teacher

I have been a special education teacher for 29 years. Most of my years have been spent in Early Intervention. This is my 3rd year working with school age children.

I love to do different types of arts and crafts when I have the time.

Gina Paci (She/Her)

Lead Teacher

When I was 7 years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD and a Reading Disorder. School did not feel like a safe place because of how challenging learning was for me. My experience has inspired me to get into this field and help children who also find learning challenging. I plan to inspire my students the same way my

teachers inspired me.

Betsy Goellner, B.S. SpEd (She/Her)

Lead Teacher

I joined ASUA in June of 2021 and spent the summer getting to know the students and the school. I'm looking forward to a great year! Outside of school I like to sew and dance, and you can usually spot me at school wearing a mask that matches my outfit!

Gracelyn Bullard (She/Her)

Assistant Teacher

I have been a part of the ASUA community since the 2018 school year as a student teacher. I have learned so much during my time here in the various roles I've been in, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow alongside our students! I love staying active and being outdoors. I also love playing sports and

watching my favorite teams.

Arianna Rivera (She/Her)

Assistant Teacher

I graduated from Penn State in 2019 with Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders with the intent to become a speech therapist. Now I am working towards my masters in education in special education so I can be a teacher. I am a big kid myself so working with all of our awesome students makes working at ASUA fun for me everyday!

Emmie Parker, RBT (She/Her)

Lead Instructional Assistant

I have been learning from students with ASD since 2015 across multiple settings. In school I studied Acting and developed various skills as a theatre artist, providing me with skills in creative problem solving and interpersonal relationships. I love getting to know all the students and seeing them grow and learn each day.

Robin Wagner (She/Her)

Instructional Assistant

When I graduated college in 2018 I had a completely different path planned out for myself. I soon came to realize that that path I had planned was not desired when I stumbled upon a job in the Special Education field. After working in the field for some time I decided that this is the field I wanted to continue working in. I plan to further my education and get my Masters in ABA within the next year. I began working at A Step Up Academy this past summer during ESY 2021. Outside of work I love to spend time on the river on my jet ski and I also love to craft.

Ray Youngblood (He/Him)

Instructional Assistant

Hi, my name is Ray and I currently work as an Instructional Assistant at the Annex location in Room C/D. I'm a recent grad '21 with experience as a teacher's assistant, lead writing tutor, and cabin counselor. I love working at ASUA because the students here are truly incredible and teach me

something new everyday!

Angel M. Davila III (He/Him)

Instructional Assistant

Since high school, I've always wanted to work in a field where I am helping others. Originally, my major in college was to go for Nursing, but down the line I changed it to Human Services. It relates to the work in my senior year of high school when I worked with students that had disabilities by socializing and interacting with them.

Nashae Greene (She/Her)

Instructional Assistant

I love working in Special Education field, it is excellent to see progress and growth within this career path. It is also a great feeling to make difference in the children and their families' lives.

Alexander Clark (He/Him)

Instructional Assistant


Rylan Jenkins-Snaith (He/Him)

Instructional Assistant


Anastasia Gelin (She/Her)

Instructional Assistant


Dayshon Ponder (He/Him)

Instructional Assistant


Taylor Stewart (She/Her)

Assistant Teacher

I have always enjoyed this field because I was able to make a difference in children lives. In this field I have had the opportunity to influence children thinking and doing process in a positive way . At ASUA, as a team we are able to help children learn and succeed no matter their background or abilities.

Tori Jones (She/Her)

Assistant Teacher

I have been working in this field for four years. I have a Corgi pup named Finn and I am currently working on my Masters of Sciences in Education.

Ryan Schwendiman (She/Her)

Lead Instructional Assistant

Out of college I started working as a Therapeutic Support Staff, but wanted to further my career into a school setting. I started at ASUA in September of 2019 as an instructional assistant and became lead instructional assistant in September 2020. Out of school (when I am not working on homework) I enjoy cooking, hiking, and watching the Flyers!

Christian Bean, B.A/M.S (She/Her)

Lead Instructional Assistant

I have worked for A Step Up Academy since February of this year! I have had experience working as a TSS, classroom teacher , and the role of an ABA therapist. However, being at ASUA has allowed me to grow and show my skill from my degrees and work background. I have always felt my purpose in life was to help others, but, to also make a change in someone's life. My role as Lead IA gives me the opportunity to learn from my colleagues as well help improve the students ability to learn! I am thankful for ASUA and to put a smile on anyone's face! Outside of work, I love to travel, do makeup, and of course spend time with friends and family. Fortunately, ASUA has become my family!

Kayla Griffin (She/Her)

Instructional Assistant

I am incredibly passionate about studying Behavior and Psychology which led me to my Bachelor's in Psychological and Social Sciences from Penn State University. I have worked beside my professors for three years conducting behavioral research on the connection between functions of personality and interpersonal relationships. I have been competitively swimming since I was 5 years old and my absolute favorite pastime to de-stress throughout my day is to escape with music. I plan to continue pursuing a career in Behavioral Psychology and learning more about supporting those with Autism here at A Step Up Academy.

R. Cameron Hall (He/Him)

Instructional Assistant

I came to ASUA because I want to learn as much as possible. I also want to be a positive role model for the children. When I am not at ASUA, I am enjoying time with my Family and my two boys (6,4) as well as hosting my own Radio and Video show interviewing various Professional Wrestlers, Actors and Musicians.

Tyler P Sawyer (She/Her)

Instructional Assistant

What brought me to ASUA is the fact that I was looking for something in my field of psychology. I also wanted to gain a different experience in teaching. I love it ❤️

Gavin Troxel  (He/Him)

Instructional Assistant


Nichole Coyne (She/Her)

Instructional Assistant


Genna McLaughlin (She/Her)

Instructional Assistant


Eric Gainor (He/Him)

Instructional Assistant


Ma'ayan Meder (They/Them)

Special Education Assistant

Ma'ayan enjoys working for ASUA. Mim also loves books, art, travel, and spending time with their

cat, Mr. Darcy.