A Step Up Academy’s biggest financial need is funding for scholarship. ASUA’s highly specialized programming provides significant supports and services, the cost of which often surpass the financial means of the families seeking placement in our program. Scholarship opportunities help open the door for many families, allowing students to fearlessly reach their potential and enhancing our ability to influence the educational experiences for children. ASUA believes that disagreements between families and their home districts should not hinder a child’s access to ASUA’s specialized programming. With scholarship funds available, A Step Up Academy can award critical financial aid and scholarships to
students so they can access our highly specialized autistic support educational programming, related services, and benefit from our inclusion partnerships regardless of their family’s personal financial circumstances.

ASUA offers two types of scholarships, Contingent and General. Students can receive contingent funding while families are in the midst of legal processes if their tuition has not yet been fully funded by their School District. Once approval has been given by the School District, ASUA will then be reimbursed by the School District. Once the family and School District have agreed to placement at ASUA, contingent scholarship funds will be reimbursed to ASUA by the School District thus allowing other students in similar situations to have access to the contingent funds. Students who receive a general scholarship funds from ASUA receive a fully funded ASUA education based on financial need, along with any additional services the student may need.

For more information on how you can support the students at ASUA, please contact Trish Corvo, Director of Development and Advancement at